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Folk Music of the 21st Century  

What is this compulsion to get up in the middle of the night and putter around making strange new noise? Not even the siren's call of television, the physical need for exercise, or threats of dire consequences from employers about nodding off during meetings seem to keep them from it. Despite the plaintive urging from spouses to return to bed and feed the cat, their pallid visages remain lit up by the ghostly glow of computer monitors, or they can be only heard running power tools behind the locked doors of their workshops building god knows what. They realize that no conventional radio station would ever play their work, that no coffee house would let them set up in a corner and blat away at the customers, that their extended relatives will respond with polite incomprehension or outright incredulity when they try to describe their passion over the turkey carcass. Untold millions throughout the world suffer this experimental obsession. Theirs is an often-misunderstood grass roots form of self expression. In other words, theirs is the "Folk Music of the 21st Century.

Welcome to Woodstockhausen, a concert of folk music. Since 1998, this event has served as a creative outlet for creators of the experimental and the just-plain-weird. Relax, sit back, and lose yourself in the esoteric ...  
The Finale: A History
Since the very beginning of Woodstockhausen in 1998, part of its off kilter personality has been the tradition of ending the concert with an inexplicable ensemble work, usually concocted deep on the ebb of the eleventh hour.
In 1998, it was Yanew Kasjonc reciting live Vogon poetry with free jazz accompaniment and burning gasoline.  
In 1999, it was The Kabukidooki Blowers and Flour Power performing "H20" for water, electricity, pastry flour, and exploding paper clothing.  
In 2000, The Millenium Ensemble INDUCTed all into a UNIVERSAL TRANCE of ONENESS in their performance of "Fnord Ftoompsh."  
In 2001, Yanew Kasjonc waddled back on stage to be symbolically murdered by a mad lighting director wearing an ape suit and weilding a bone, to more free jazz. We're still scratching our heads about that one.  
In 2002, it was "Barbie's Perfect Body" by Kinder Bender  
In 2003, it was Luke Dahl leading the masses in finding the 'key' of the universe.  
Want to know what it's all about? Guess you will have to come to the show next year.  
If you have any further questions or feedback regarding future Woodstockhausen events or would like to volunteer, please contact:
Wayne Jackson
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