About Us
Encouraging New Forms of Performance Art  

ELSA Productions is a non-profit organization that emerged from the first season of the ELectron SAlon concert series in Santa Cruz, California in 2002. Our group got together at the confluence of two inspirations and motivations: Wayne Jackson and his Woodstockhausen - "a tiny festival of esoteric music", bringing an expertise in the grass-roots experimental arts and his desire to multiply the performance opportunities for such live sound and visual experimentations; and on the other side, Véronique Larcher came with her own passion for new performing arts and an endeavor for the artists.

With ELSA Productions, we want to formalize the countless volunteer hours facilitating the most experimental artistic projects to reach the general public. To reach that goal, we invite artists to perform and we generate the appropriate medium, context and environment for these performances to intrigue a larger crowd and raise their interest and reaction. Our pleasure and mission is also to encourage new forms of arts by providing a space of creativity connecting artists, venues and new audiences, while building a community for the contemporary and experimental arts.  


-- Frank Zappa