About Us
Véronique Larcher, President  

Larcher has been working as an engineer in IRCAM (Paris)
for the past 6 years, from which she holds a PhD in Sound Spatialization. Larcher has been involved as a musical assistant in several projects, such as “K…”, an opera by Philippe Manoury that was premiered at Paris Opera in
March 2001. She recently moved to Santa Cruz (CA), where she is working both as a 3D audio scientist for CREATIVE Labs, and as a producer of musical events.

Duane Ford, Treasurer  

Ford has been involved with digital audio from early in his career. While pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Audio Engineering from the University of North Carolina - Asheville, he worked with the likes of Bob Moog. Ford has worked for various digital audio companies like E-MU/Creative Technology Center, Staccato Systems (a spinout out of Stanford's CCRMA center) and Analog Devices Audio Rendering Technology (ART) Center. Ford has worked on products ranging from prosumer sound cards (the Audio Production Studio - Electronic Musician's 1999 Editors Choice Award), to General MIDI software synthesizers for OEMs (SynthCore), to advanced audio synthesis/rendering algorithms (SPX physical and event modeling) for game developers. Most recently Ford was the Product Marketing Manager for the SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Solution for PCs. Being a casualty of the current economic crisis, Ford is currently looking for work. Ford thoroughly enjoys educating and demonstrating advanced technologies in an easy to understand manner. Ford has also been avidly involved with both the Woodstockhausen and Electron Salon projects from the beginning.

Phil Curtis, Secretary  

Curtis a.k.a. DJs Flux, Flex, and Felix (powerbook, guitar, ztar) is a composer and performer of jazz, classical, pop, and electronic music, whose work has been featured in numerous venues for new and experimental music. Performances of his music have been given by Amsterdam's Nieuw Ensemble, the New Century Players, and the New York New Music Ensemble. Phil also works collaboratively, composing music for film, TV, theater, dance, and the web. Films that he has scored have been shown on PBS and featured in numerous film festivals, including the San Diego Film Festival, the Festival Internacional Del Nuevo Cine Latinamerica in Havana, Cuba, and as a part of the traveling exhibit "Muestra de Cine Colombiano Años 90s."

Wayne Jackson, Member  

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Dana Massie, Member  

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Robert Meya, Member  

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Mark Plummer, Member  

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