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Woodstockhausen: Location

Under The Stars
Outdoors in "The Grotto" at Glen Alba Gardens in Ben Lomond, California.

The Grotto stage overlooks a meadow nestled on the shoulder of a redwood forest canyon. Unlike most places in the hills, there is staff and artist
parking onsite.

Note: The gravel roads in and out of the grotto meadow are fairly steep; it is advised to not use a front-wheel drive vehicle for load-in. (This applies only to the grotto itself; the parking area is accessible to all vehicles.)

Where is Glen Alba Gardens?
Glen Alba Gardens Map

(Courtesy: Google Maps)

For everyone's comfort and for fire safety reasons, the festival area and meadow is non-smoking. There will be a designated area for the puffin' crowd.

Well-behaved children are welcome, but be advised just beyond the grotto is "where the wild things are". There is no fencing between you and 300 acres of primeval forest with a running creek, poison oak, and the hungry wild things. Parents are advised to keep track of their children at all times.

Straw bales will be available in the meadow for guest seating, climbing, reclining, toddler corralling or fortress building.

Vehicle access to the grotto will be restricted to handicap dropoff once the doors open to guests.

What to Bring
• Blankets or lawn furniture for seating

• Warm clothing - Flashlight (for locating your sweetie or your child)

• Bug repellent!

• A picnic meal if you want. Alernatively, there will be a BBQ dinner available onsite, along with snacks and coffee. Cash purchases only.

Note: We will not be selling alcohol due to legal and licensing issues.

The staff of Woodstockhausen 2007 thanks you for contributing to keep
Santa Cruz weird.