September 16th & 17th, 2004 - 8:30 PM • Los Angeles • REDCAT
September 19th, 2004 - 10:00 PM • Portland • TBA Festival



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Transplant: France” is a festival touring along the US West Coast, presenting music and visuals by French and American artists. It will take place between September 7th and September 20th, 2004 and includes short residencies, master classes and performances.

The primary goal for this tour is to establish a creative collaboration between French and American artists. Five French artists are invited to create and perform with instrumentalists from Los Angeles and from the San Francisco bay area, who range from seasoned, world-class performers to younger musicians with whom a longer collaboration is proposed as part of a residency program.

The secondary goal is to provide the opportunity for these French artists to generate public awareness of their work to serve as a stepping stone to create and present future works in the US and in France. Beyond performing in well-established venues, they are invited to participate in various master classes in major universities. A video documentary will be created from shoots made during that period that the artists can, in turn, use as a
promotional tool.

Transplant requires a creative “base of operations” where residencies can take place. This base of operations is both Berkeley, California (CNMAT, University of California - Berkeley) and Los Angeles, California (CalArts).These residencies will take place prior to the performances, and are times during which the show will be prepared
and rehearsed.

The venues for these performances were determined by the cities where a local partner was able to provide the performance space, equipment, production staff and local advertising for the event.

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